GoPro: Searching The Maya Underworld [Original Series]


"On their mission to discover the world's biggest cave, veteran cave explorer Robbie Schmittner and his partner Toddy Waelde pledge to protect this Mecca of diving beneath the Yucatan. Robbie warns against the destructive forces [...]

GoPro Karma: Beach Day with Walsh Family


"Professional surfer Anthony Walsh takes Karma along for a day with his wife Crystal and their son Damien. Join the Walsh family as they explore their native Hawaii in the air, on land and in [...]

GoPro: About Us – Careers


Featured GoPro Careers video to inspire the best possible talent and fit for company hiring. Be inspired and be authentic to a company you love. I was responsible for all of the post-production work on [...]

GoPro: Man and Grizzly Bear – Rewriting History


"More than a decade ago, Casey Anderson rescued a grizzly bear named Brutus and founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter in order to provide a natural home for other rescued grizzlies. On this Endangered Species Day, [...]

GoPro: Tractor Drift


"Steeze meets agriculture when Filip Lindquist and the Vianor crew drop 225 horsepower into a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor." With over 1 million views on YouTube, this video has captured a lot of unique [...]

GoPro: Tricked-Out DIY Trike Drifting


"A father, son, and a group of friends build and race home-made trikes down a closed course hill in Virginia." This video was shot entirely by GoPro users. I was responsible for all of the [...]

GoPro: Backyard Motocross with Brodie Ellis


  "Thirteen year old freestyle motocross rider, Brodie Ellis, races with style through his personal backyard course at the Ellisville Ranch in Australia." This video was shot entirely by GoPro users. I was responsible for [...]

Showreel || Video – Editing – Graphics – Photo – Aerial

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Digital content creation including video, graphics, color, aerial, color and sound work. Includes award winning work featured at Telluride Mountain Film Festival, as well as viral content, and strategic market based media for large corporations. [...]

Peninsula From Above – Aerial Videography of Bay Area

As drone videography becomes more popular, the competition and demand rises.

Mine Explosion | 3D Modeling and Animation


This mine cart tunnel animation is the result of dedicating a considerable amount of time to teaching myself Cinema 4D. This would not have been possible without the amazing tutorial series over at Greyscalegorilla. [...]

GoPro: Backyard Hockey


"Hockey is a family tradition for the Bissonnette's and Francis enjoys passing down his skills to his son, Ethan 'The Rocket' Bissonnette." This video was shot entirely by GoPro users, not a GoPro production. I was [...]

GoPro: Melissa Colborne Shreds in South Africa


"Top South African Female Wakeboarder, Melissa Colborne, spends a day at the cable park practicing her tricks. Following in the footsteps of her older brother Jason, she started wakeboaring in April 2009 and has shot [...]

GoPro: Majestic Wingsuit Flight in Switzerland


"Brandon Mikesell gracefully navigates his wingsuit through the vibrant mountains in Walenstadt, Switzerland."   After editing this video and its publishing on the GoPro YouTube channel, it received a lot of attention throughout news and [...]

GoPro: High Altitude Paragliding


"In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard push the limits to achieve the world’s highest double paraglide jump from a hot air balloon. After requesting an aerial traffic control authorization, the team reached [...]

GoPro: Rare Sperm Whale Sighting in 4k


"An incredibly rare event captured in 4K off the coast of Dana Point in Southern California shows a large number of sperm whales playing together near the ocean's surface." The great thing about working in [...]

GoPro: Epic Snowmobile Drop


This was my first "million view" video that I edited as a Production Artist at GoPro. This video was entirely user generated content, meaning the user shot all the footage - it was not a [...]

TENNIS RUNWAY: Television Series Pilot Episode

Hosted by Sierra and Roxanne Ellison, Tennis Runway showcases the emerging convergence of athletic wear and high fashion, brining refreshing energy and stylish insight to the tennis court. The entire season has been broadcast on [...]

The Producer Program: Graphic Design and Animation

Featured on NYC TV, The Producer Program is an educational television series that helps people find out how a multitude of top Hollywood film and television producers got to where they are today. I was [...]

STYLE Fashion Week: Los Angeles

As the premier event during Los Angeles Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week LA which is now deemed the Official LA Fashion Week by the City of Los Angeles, is the largest, most influential fashion event [...]

KX93.5 Laguna Beach FM Radio: Patriots Day Parade

It was a lot of fun to work with the only FM station in Laguna Beach, California - KX 93.5 FM! I worked as a videographer during the parade. Brandon Garcia did additional shooting as well [...]

OVERLOOKED: Traveling with timelapse and video

This video represents a time when I was fortunate enough to travel and spend time in Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Much of the footage I shot while hiking, camping, or while moving back [...]

Teton Gravity Research: GoPro Athlete Series Season 2 Introduction


This 14-second I created was used at Teton Gravity Research. It served as the introduction to the second season of their original Athlete Series. The Athlete Series season had more than 8 episodes that were aired [...]

Teton Gravity Research: Garmin GPS Commerical

While I was a winter production intern at Teton Gravity Research (2011-2012), we pitched a commercial concept to Garmin GPS. This was one of the pitches I edited. It was never endorsed by Garmin, but [...]


This is a 30-second example of a graphic that could be used as a heads up display when composited into other scenes. I worked on this while taking online courses for graphics and compositing through FXPHD. [...]

Editing / Compositing / Cinematography Reel


Created from various projects from college and post-college work. This video demonstrates all-around production and post-production samples from cinematography to editing, graphics, and compositing.