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Summer is beginning to come to an end and winter is sure to follow not long after. In fact, many well known resorts in the lower states are opening up in about one hundred days or less now (Yeaaah!). But what are we all to do in the mean time while we wait for the mountains to get a solid base? Why not go see the premier of not one, but two kick-ass winter sports movies?

As most of you know, last November I quit my job, packed my bags and headed to the hole in the mid-west. Jackson Hole is a world renown  ski/snowboard resort known for its steep terrain and accessible back-country. As the US suffered what is probably one of the driest winters on record (with the exception of Alaska…) I made the best of it and got out on my snowboard (and some days ski’s) as much as possible. Although going out nearly every day was nice, and I earned a very fashionable goggle tan, I spent my remaining hours working hard inside the dark office next to the ariel tram and above the Village Cafe. I’ve never seen five months go by so fast in my life. Thats because when I wasn’t out snowboarding, or tuning skis at Teton Village Sports, I was staring at Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects in the “intern loft” at Teton Gravity Research.

If you do any sort of serious skiing or snowboarding, chances are you’ve heard of Teton Gravity Research ( They’re basically the go-to place for the best ski / snowboard movies, as well as having a huge internet fan base with loads of content and web series to keep your mindless brain entertained for hours. I worked as an intern here nearly everyday for five months unpaid. The experience, and people I met is surely something I will not forget. Although my bank account is still recovering from this unforgettable winter, there is one thing that I am really looking forward to…

Every year TGR comes out with a ski movie, and every year the movie gets better and more progressive. Not long ago, they took a dive into producing their first major snowboard specific film, Deeper. Deeper is a snowboard film where the journey is just as important as the ride down the mountain. What a lot people didn’t know is that Deeper was just the first of three films that were in the making. Further is the sequel, and having worked on it first hand this winter and seen nearly all of the footage, I can say with certainty that it is nothing short of incredible. Whats even more incredible is that Teton Gravity Research has such a huge presence, yet it is a rather small group of individuals that work day and night to bring you this content. Working as an intern I got to do everything from logging footage, to editing DVD content, and lots of little bits in between. With that being said, TGR usually only makes one movie a year, this September they’re premiering two movies. A ski movie, and a snowboard movie. Now take that work load, multiply it by two and shorten deadlines because of lack of snow in the lower states. The pressure was on to bring us all two films that would live up to the expectations TGR has been setting each year.

I know my time spent at TGR was put to good use, and aided the production of these two films. However, I ended up having to head back to California when the real madness was only just beginning. The final editing of the film was underway just weeks before I left, and it was a tough race, im sure, to meet deadlines. Now those deadlines are being met and two new movies are being released to the public. My first two feature films that I aided with in some way premier to the world next month. The majority of time during my last few months was spent helping out Rose and Justin on the post-production of Further, which I can easily say I’m very excited for. However, when there were free minutes I would also be helping keep track and sort through the endless amounts of footage pouring in from Alaska.. Yup, the footage for The Dream Factory (I still remember the day that name was decided on). The crew at TGR are good people, and hard workers. However, when the hard-work is done, they definitely know how to have fun. Now the fun time is almost here, and I would like to encourage everyone who reads this to support the new TGR winter movies, Further and The Dream Factory. The Further World Premier will be in Tahoe in just a few short weeks, and The Dream Factory premiers in Jackson Wyoming not long after. Unfortunately, since my bank account is still in the recovery stage, I can’t afford the plane ticket to Tahoe and time off work, but the winter I got to experience and be a part of will be enough for me. Congratulations to everyone over there, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the movies in their finished form very soon.

To everyone else, checkout the details for Further here, support Jeremy and his explorations, as well as the hardworking crew that puts it all together. Then when you’re done with that, cruise on over here and checkout the new ski film, The Dream Factory. When you’re done with all that, and you can’t wait to get back on the mountain like me, well then you just roast some twinkies and pray to the snow gods for winter to come sooner.


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  1. Danny Menig October 30, 2013 at 8:50 pm - Reply

    Alex I know it’s been a while since you posted this but I have a few questions for you about your internship. I’m very very hungry for the chance to work at TGR even unpaid I’m willing to take that leap for my passion. Could you email me back with how you made yourself stand out to get selected for the position and a description of what I could expect? I would REALLY appreciate it man thank you!

    • Alex Hogue December 15, 2013 at 5:22 am - Reply

      Danny, I’ll shoot you an e-mail and we can talk more about it. The big thing, if you really want to do it – is to be willing, and have a showreel and skills that set you apart. The decision ultimately is up to them, but living in Jackson for me was great. But the internship itself has it’s pitfalls too.

      Thanks for reading.


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