Recent Projects

Peninsula From Above – Aerial Videography of Bay Area

As drone videography becomes more popular, the competition and demand rises.

Mine Explosion | 3D Modeling and Animation


This mine cart tunnel animation is the result of dedicating a considerable amount of time to teaching myself Cinema 4D. This would not have been possible without the amazing tutorial series over at Greyscalegorilla. [...]

GoPro: Backyard Hockey


"Hockey is a family tradition for the Bissonnette's and Francis enjoys passing down his skills to his son, Ethan 'The Rocket' Bissonnette." This video was shot entirely by GoPro users, not a GoPro production. I was [...]

Young professional with a love for the outdoors and a passion for digital technology. From concept to delivered product, I am armed with a wide skill set, outgoing personality, and a strong work ethic. If it’s for a job opportunity, or just to catch up, lets get in touch!

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