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Showreel || Video – Editing – Graphics – Photo – Aerial

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Digital content creation including video, graphics, color, aerial, color and sound work. Includes award winning work featured at Telluride Mountain Film Festival, as well as viral content, and strategic market based media for large corporations. [...]

Peninsula From Above – Aerial Videography of Bay Area

As drone videography becomes more popular, the competition and demand rises.

Mine Explosion | 3D Modeling and Animation


This mine cart tunnel animation is the result of dedicating a considerable amount of time to teaching myself Cinema 4D. This would not have been possible without the amazing tutorial series over at Greyscalegorilla. [...]

Young professional with a love for the outdoors and a passion for digital technology. From concept to delivered product, I am armed with a wide skill set, outgoing personality, and a strong work ethic. If it’s for a job opportunity, or just to catch up, lets get in touch!

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